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From the Desk of Fr. Marreddy

Readings: Exodus 20:1-17; 1 Corinthians 1:22-25; John 2:13-25

Compared to earlier generations, a special characteristic of this generation is speed. We can communicate with one another at speeds that were unthinkable even half a century ago. An email reaches its destination on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds. Journeys that took days or even weeks in our grandparents’ time now take hours. Builders can build much faster than in times past. We may even suspect that much of what is built quickly may not endure. In the ancient world, buildings, especially those of political or religious significance, were built to last. In Rome, we can still see the remains of the significant political and religious buildings of the Roman Empire. In Jerusalem, in the time of Jesus, the most significant public building by far was the temple. 

The temple is to be God’s House, God’s Home, a place where all people can feel at home in God’s presence. The activities associated with the market were preventing the temple from being the home that God wanted it to be, a spiritual home for all the nations. Jesus saw that here was an institution in need of reform. 

Every institution, whether secular or religious, is always in need of some reform. The Church, in so far, as it is a human institution, is in need of ongoing reform. The Church exists to serve the purposes of God in the world. Inevitably, because the Church is composed of human beings, it can also serve as a block to God’s purposes. The church is called to be the Sacrament of Christ, to reveal the powerful and life-giving presence of Christ to the world. 

Just as Jesus wanted to purify the temple, the risen Lord is constantly working to purify us, the church. All of us who make up the Church, need to be open to His purifying zeal. We all have our part to play in ensuring that the Church is what the Lord intends it to be. Lent in particular, is a time for listening to the Spirit. 


2021 Catholic Ministries Appeals Update

                                             St. Finbarr           St. Patrick           St. Ignatius

Goal                                     $8,356.00           $5,935.00           $9,774.00

Donors                                        11                             8                         9

Total Received YTD           $6,085.00          $2,050.00           $1,510.00

$Needed To Meet Goal    $2,271.00            $3,885.00          $8,264.00

Prayer Chain 

Please keep the following sick, hospitalized & home-bound Tri-Parish members in your prayers.


Erna Tart – St. Ignatius Parish 

Cassidy Pravecek – St. Ignatius Parish  

Ray Steichen - St. Ignatius Parish 

 Dean Stern – St. Patrick Parish

Isabella Morse – St. Patrick Parish 

Kurt Fuhrmann Jr. - St. Patrick Parish

Anna Christianson – St. Patrick Parish

Ida Rowe - St. Patrick Parish

Leon Steinkamp - St. Finbarr Parish

Dorothy Steinkamp - St. Finbarr Parish

Lois Gehling – St. Finbarr Parish 

Paul Snyder - St. Finbarr Parish

Dan Copley - St. Finbarr Parish 

Lucca Sween - St. Finbarr Parish

Lee Baldus - St. Finbarr Parish

Tanya Warmka  

Kassidy Kirtz

Bob & Margaret Cole

Doc Doolittle

Stacy Warren 

Jim Hockens

If you would like to add someone to the prayer chain send an email to

Offertory Totals As of February 20, 2021

St. Patrick in LeRoy                  $425.00

 St. Ignatius in Spring Valley    $2,494.00  

St. Finbarr in Grand Meadow  $914.00

Financial Giving

In addition to our goal to help keep people safe and healthy during this difficult time, we are also committed to meeting our other financial obligations. Please continue your financial support of your Parish by sending a check to your parish.

St. Finbarr

PO Box 374

Grand Meadow, MN 55936

St. Patrick

436 W Main St

LeRoy, MN 55951

St. Ignatius

213 W Franklin St

Spring Valley, MN 55975

St. Finbarr Catholic Church Grand Meadow 

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Mass Time:  Saturday Evenings @ 5:00 pm

St. Patrick Catholic Church LeRoy, MN

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Mass Time:  Sunday Mornings @ 8:30 am

St. Ignatius Catholic Church Spring Valley MN

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Mass Time:  Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 am

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Pope Francis

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Bishop John Quinn

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Fr. Marreddy Pothireddy

Thinking of becoming Catholic?  Watch this video from the Diocese of Winona that was put out by the Liturgy Training Publications.

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