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From the Desk of Fr. Marreddy

 Readings: Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11; 2 Peter 3:8-14; Mark 1:1-8

People knew over a year in advance that the Pope was coming for a visit to America and the preparations began. Security, space limitations and requirements, protocols, crowd management, itineraries, invitations, regulations, and so much more was necessary to pull this event off effectively. It’s not every day that we get a visit from such a prominent dignitary. Thought, effort, meticulous attention to detail and vision all are necessary to make this thing work. After all, he can’t just show up in the ordinary and normal daily routines of life and catch people unprepared! Tickets have to be purchased, buses rented, hotel rooms reserved, and travel arrangements made early because it will be impossible to see him if we wait too long!

We do this kind of preparing not only for prominent religious figures but for political dignitaries, notable sports figures, people of fame, and even actors. If an individual intrigues us, we are going to want to do all we have to do to get a “good seat” in the house. Does Jesus Christ captivate this much of our attention? We are asked to prepare the way of the Lord and to do so not with frantic frenzy but patient enthusiasm. We do not have to stand on a street corner making profound announcements about God’s coming or become overly zealous in our embrace of the Good News. Our task is quieter, more interior, captivating, and consuming. We are asked to change. We have to conduct our lives with holy devotion.

Is the cost of that ticket too much for us? Don’t we want the “best seat” in the house? We don’t want to miss Our Lord’s arrival when He comes, do we? After all, if He comes while we are going about our daily routines without us even knowing, He may catch us off guard. Or, He may come in disguise looking like a beggar, a prisoner, migrant, refugee, or someone who is lost. Would we be ready to recognize Him then? Preparing for the coming of Christ requires a change of mind, heart, and behavior. It is not adequate to simply do the things we always do. We want our lives to speak of the exciting news of Christ’s coming and the joy that the Gospel brings. It has to do with our demeanor, values, priorities, choices, and how we structure daily routines. Of course, it involves sacrifice. All anticipations do! Are we excited, captivated, enthusiastic, and sitting on the edge of our seat eager to celebrate His coming among us at Christmas, and waiting for Him to come again?

Happy Advent!


I am continuing to say Mass Live via Facebook Live on Saturday evenings at 5:00 pm on the Tri-Parish Catholic Community page.  Please join me if you can.  Here is the link to our Facebook page: Tri-Parish Catholic Community

Prayer Chain 

Please keep the following sick, hospitalized & home-bound Tri-Parish members in your prayers.


Al Stier – St. Finbarr Parish  

Erna Tart – St. Ignatius Parish 

Dean Stern – St. Patrick Parish

Cassidy Pravecek – St. Ignatius Parish 

Loretta Ascheman – St. Ignatius Parish  

Lois Gehling – St. Finbarr Parish 

Doc Doolittle 

 Isabella Morse – St. Patrick Parish 

Kurt Fuhrmann Jr. - St. Patrick Parish

Tanya Warmka  

 Josh Steichen 

Ida Rowe - St. Patrick Parish

Ella Bridge - St. Patrick Parish

Leon Steinkamp - St. Finbarr Parish

Kassidy Kirtz

Anna Christianson – St. Patrick Parish

Arlene Bastian – St. Patrick Parish

Jeanie Landree 

 Jenna Bentzin

Mariah Weiss

Paul Snyder - St. Finbarr Parish

Lisa Stier

Trey Young

Dan Copley - St. Finbarr Parish

Bob & Margaret Cole

Roger Zeimetz

If you would like to add someone to the prayer chain send an email to

Offertory Totals As of Nov 29, 2020

St. Patrick in LeRoy                   $.00

 St. Ignatius in Spring Valley     $.00

St. Finbarr in Grand Meadow  $.00

Financial Giving

In addition to our goal to help keep people safe and healthy during this difficult time, we are also committed to meeting our other financial obligations. Please continue your financial support of your Parish by sending a check to your parish. The tri-parish church addresses can be found on the the right side of this page. Thank you.

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Fr. Marreddy Pothireddy

Thinking of becoming Catholic?  Watch this video from the Diocese of Winona that was put out by the Liturgy Training Publications.

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