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From the Desk of Fr. Marreddy

Readings: Acts of the Apostles 4:32-35; 1 John 5:1-6; John 20:19-31

A wonderful joy fills us today as we ponder the inexhaustible mercy of God. “Mercy is the heart of God,” Pope Francis tells us. The image of a heart has been used to point to the very life source of a person as it is the organ that allows life to flow through our veins and sustain us. Mercy is the heart of God. Imagine this dynamic, powerful, compassionate, piercing, embracing, loving, propelling, penetrating, absorbing, and enveloping, transforming presence of God flowing into the very depth of our souls. It is God’s mercy that allows blood to flow through our veins. It is God’s mercy that forms every atom of our being and leads us to what is true. God’s mercy reveals all superficiality and falsehood, and lays bare all distortions, empty promises, weakness, and sin.

 “Mercy is the force that reawakens us to new life and instills in us the courage to look to the future with hope,” Pope Francis continues. God’s all forgiving, compassionate love is with us. When we finally believe and accept that Christ’s resurrected, transfigured, presence resides with us, we then find within us a strong confidence to accept life’s imperfections and disappointments and move on. Every day is a new adventure in new life. God leaves the past behind and opens doors to the future. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes we made yesterday. All that matters is what we do tomorrow and what we learn along the way. It is so easy to remain tethered and mired in the past, but there is no need to do so. God is all about tomorrow and the work God has yet to do in our lives.

Mercy gives birth to hope. Hope for the greatest of sinners and hope for the worst of disasters. There is nothing God cannot do and nothing God cannot fashion. After all, everything we know and treasure was once nothing, and look what God did with the nothing God had! The resurrected Christ stands before us with nail marks in His wrists and wounds on His body as a testament that not even injustice, suffering and death can trample over and destroy God’s mercy. What have we to fear? Why do we keep ourselves from peace? Our lack of faith prevents us from going forward and fully receiving the holiness God desires to breathe upon us. Breathe in God’s mercy, allow the wind of God’s presence to kiss all of your sins and caress all of your fears. Exhale peace.

Easter Blessings!

2021 Catholic Ministries Appeals Update

                                             St. Finbarr           St. Patrick           St. Ignatius

Goal                                     $8,356.00           $5,935.00           $9,774.00

Donors                                        22                          16                         33

Total Received YTD           $9,860.00          $6220.00           $8,145.00

$Needed To Meet Goal  + $1,504.00         +$285.00            $1,629.00

Prayer Chain 

Please keep the following sick, hospitalized & home-bound Tri-Parish members in your prayers.


Erna Tart – St. Ignatius 

Cassidy Pravecek – St. Ignatius   

Ray Steichen - St. Ignatius  

Susan Czapiewski Hoke - St. Ignatius

Shelly Grabau - St. Ignatius

Jane Reineke - St. Ignatius 

Sharon Balbach - St. Ignatius

 Dean Stern – St. Patrick

Isabella Morse – St. Patrick  

Kurt Fuhrmann Jr. - St. Patrick

Anna Christianson – St. Patrick 

Ida Rowe - St. Patrick 

Ann Soltau - St. Patrick 

Leon Steinkamp - St. Finbarr 

Dorothy Steinkamp - St. Finbarr 

Lois Gehling – St. Finbarr  

Paul Snyder - St. Finbarr 

Dan Copley - St. Finbarr  

Lucca Sween - St. Finbarr 

Lee Baldus - St. Finbarr 

Rhonda Steinkamp - St. Finbarr 

Tanya Warmka  

Kassidy Kirtz

Bob & Margaret Cole

Stacy Warren 

Jim Hockens

If you would like to add someone to the prayer chain send an email to

Offertory Totals As of March 28, 2021

St. Patrick in LeRoy                     $3,657.00 

 St. Ignatius in Spring Valley     $2,269.00 

St. Finbarr in Grand Meadow  $1,729.00

Financial Giving

In addition to our goal to help keep people safe and healthy during this difficult time, we are also committed to meeting our other financial obligations. Please continue your financial support of your Parish by sending a check to your parish.

St. Finbarr

PO Box 374

Grand Meadow, MN 55936

St. Patrick

436 W Main St

LeRoy, MN 55951

St. Ignatius

213 W Franklin St

Spring Valley, MN 55975

St. Finbarr Catholic Church Grand Meadow 

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Mass Time:  Saturday Evenings @ 5:00 pm

St. Patrick Catholic Church LeRoy, MN

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Mass Time:  Sunday Mornings @ 8:30 am

St. Ignatius Catholic Church Spring Valley MN

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Mass Time:  Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 am

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Pope Francis

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Fr. Marreddy Pothireddy

Thinking of becoming Catholic?  Watch this video from the Diocese of Winona that was put out by the Liturgy Training Publications.

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